Cold rush

Dynamics of language and identity in expanding Arctic economics
Multilingualism in institutions and society
Project management:

Financed by the Academy of Finland
Project management: Sari Pietikäinen (Univ. of Jyväskylä)

01.2016 to 12.2020

Monica Heller (Toronto), Maiju Strömmer (Jyväskylä), Anna-Liisa Ojala (Jyväskylä)

In progress

The Cold Rush project examines the transforming Arctic North as an expanding hotspot at the juncture of economic development and cultural transformation, focusing on the ways in which language and identity matter in these processes.

We have identified three emerging hotspots based on capitalising Arctic resources beyond simple nation-state structurations: tourism, nature resource extraction, and winter sports. In addition, we focus on work and workers in these hotspots as an intersecting question related to skills, mobilities and moorings. In each hotspot, language and identity have high stakes: they can be resources for management and regimentation, rootedness and mobility, profit and loss. Each hotspot occupies a nexus in the rhizome of interrelated processes of economic development and cultural transition in the transforming Arctic North.

For more information: www.coldrushresearch.com