Conférence Li Wei

Jeudi,  11 octobre 2012, Institut de plurilinguisme, 17.15 - 18.45, Salle K0.02

Conférence de Prof. Li Wei, Birkbeck College, University of London

Titre de la conférence: "Multilingual practices, multimodality and multicompetence: British Chinese children in complementary schools" (en anglais)


Multilingual practices such as codeswitching, while commonplace amongst multilingual speakers, are not always seen in a positive light, especially when they are used by children. Using data from British Chinese children in complementary schools, this talk aims to examine children’s multilingual practices from the perspective of Multicompetence and focus on the creativity and criticality shown by the multilingual practices include multimodal practices. Creativity is defined here as the ability to choose between following and flouting the rules and norms of behaviour, including the use of language; pushing and breaking the boundaries between the old and the new, the conventional and original, and the acceptable and the challenging. Criticality refers to an ability to use evidence appropriately, systematically and insightfully to inform considered views of cultural, social and linguistic phenomena, to question and problematize received wisdom, and to express views adequately through reasoned responses to situations. Theoretical as well as policy implications of looking at multilingual and multimodal practices from the perspective of multicompetence, creativity and criticality will be discussed.